Microbiology is working with the magical and the invisible



We train future generations of scientists to decipher how microbes make Earth habitable for humans.



We use integrated modern microbiology to isolate new microbes, study microbial growth dynamics, analyze genome sequences (and how the genomes are expressed), and contextualize the environmental distributions of microbes, to uncover new ways microbes contribute to the maintenance of life on Earth. Regardless of the ecosystem, we aim to understand how microbes balance nutrient cycles, remove pollutants, and affect productivity.


High throughput isolation of microbes from soil, sediments, plants, and animals


Functional genomics of environmental microbes


Microbial metabolism of emerging contaminants and toxins


Ecosystem genomics to identify links between ecosystem processes and microbial metabolism


Harnessing the power of Earth’s tiniest lives



Paul launched the Carini Lab at the University of Arizona in July of 2017. We pride ourselves on being data-driven microbiologists, with an eye toward discovery. Sometimes that means we strike a balance between interpreting our data and following our intuition. It also means that we embrace a certain degree of failure.


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